Crafting sustainable alternatives for a greener tomorrow. Discover eco-conscious paper bags with Panchsheel Packaging Solutions


Panchsheel Packaging Solutions presents our high-quality V-Bottom Paper Pouches, designed for versatile use across various industries including textiles, apparel, grocery stores, vegetable stores, and pharmacies. Our pouches are crafted to provide exceptional strength, durability, and eco-friendliness, making them the perfect packaging solution for a wide range of products.


  1. Textile and Apparel: Ideal for packaging clothing, accessories, and other textile products, providing protection and a premium look.
  2. Grocery Stores: Perfect for dry goods, snacks, and other grocery items, offering sturdy and reliable packaging.
  3. Vegetable Stores: Suitable for fresh produce, maintaining freshness and reducing spoilage with breathable paper material.
  4. Pharmacy: Excellent for packaging pharmaceutical products, ensuring safety, and ease of use for customers.


  • SIZE – SoS Sizes available – 13×7/15×10/18×12/20×14/22x16inches
  • GSM – 50-100GSM
  • COLOUR – White and Brown Kraft
  • Printing – Up to 2 Colour Options


●  Superior Strength and Durability: Our V-Bottom Paper Pouches are made from premium-grade paper, ensuring they can securely hold a variety of items without tearing or breaking. The V-Bottom design provides added stability and support, making them ideal for heavier loads.

●  Eco-Friendly Materials: Committed to sustainability, these pouches are made from recyclable and biodegradable materials. Choosing our pouches not only benefits your business but also supports environmental conservation efforts.

●  Versatile Applications: Whether you are packaging textiles and apparel, groceries, fresh vegetables, or pharmaceutical products, these pouches are designed to meet your needs. Their flexible design accommodates various product sizes and shapes.

●  Enhanced Product Visibility: The pinched bottom design allows the pouches to stand upright, improving product visibility on shelves and providing a professional presentation that enhances your brand’s image.

●  Customizable Design: We offer customizable options for branding and design, allowing you to print your logo, brand colors, and other important information directly on the pouches. This feature helps in creating a cohesive brand identity and enhances marketing efforts.

●  User-Friendly: Our pouches are easy to fill, seal, and handle, ensuring a seamless packaging process. The ergonomic design makes them convenient for both retailers and customers.

●  Cost-Effective: With competitive pricing and bulk order options, our V-Bottom Paper Pouches provide a cost-effective packaging solution that doesn’t compromise on quality.

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