Crafting sustainable alternatives for a greener tomorrow. Discover eco-conscious paper bags with Panchsheel Packaging Solutions

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Established in 2019, Panchsheel specializes in manufacturing Kraft paper bags, paper pouches, and designer shopping bags. Our vision is to prioritize quality and sustainability in all our products. Founded by women entrepreneurs, Mrs. Aruna and Miss Chethana Aruna R, Panchsheel Packaging Solutions is driven by their leadership and commitment to customer satisfaction. Aruna, the visionary founder, oversees operations with meticulous attention to detail, while Chethana, the co-founder, focuses on driving growth through customer acquisition and business development.

With mentorship from Mr. Rajesh, boasting 25 years of experience in the packaging industry, we maintain a steadfast focus on quality and competitive pricing. Over the past five years, we’ve sold over 1 million paper products with a remarkable customer retention rate of 94%. Our success is attributed to the consistency of raw materials, supported by an in-house design team, enabling us to deliver nationwide. Our materials range from 50 to 350 GSM in both brown and bleached Kraft, with food-grade certified options for take-away pouches and oil and grease-proof paper.



Panchsheel prioritizes quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

  • Quality and sustainability are our main focus.
  • Over 5 years, we’ve sold over 1 million paper products, with a customer retention rate of 94%.
  • We offer quality products at competitive prices.
  • Our raw materials are consistently sourced.
  • We have an in-house design team.
  • We provide nationwide delivery.
  • Materials range from 50 to 350 GSM in Brown Kraft and Bleached Kraft.
  • Our take-away pouches and oil and grease-proof paper are food grade certified.
  • We value after-sales support and gather feedback for continuous improvement.
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