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Introducing our premium Oil and Grease Proof Paper, meticulously engineered to provide unparalleled protection and safety for your packed and wrapped food items. Crafted with the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology, this innovative paper solution is tailored to meet the exacting standards of hotels, restaurants, and bakeries.

Our Oil and Grease Proof Paper is the ultimate safeguard for your culinary creations, offering a robust barrier against oil, grease, moisture, and odors. Whether you’re packaging delicate pastries, savory sandwiches, or gourmet meals, rest assured that your food will remain fresh, clean, and impeccably presented.

Designed with convenience in mind, our paper is easy to handle and manipulate, ensuring efficient wrapping and packing processes in even the busiest kitchen environments. Its superior strength and durability provide assurance during transportation and storage, minimizing the risk of leaks, spills, or contamination.



    1. Hotels and Restaurants : Elevate your food presentation and ensure customer satisfaction with packaging that maintains food quality.

    2. Bakeries : Keep your baked goods fresh and appetizing with paper that handles oils and greases effortlessly.

    3. Catering Services : Provide top-notch service with reliable and high-quality packaging solutions.

Key Features:

  • 100% Food Safe : Crafted from materials that are fully compliant with food safety standards, providing a safe and hygienic option for all your food packaging needs.

  • Maximum Oil Absorption : Our paper excels in absorbing oils and greases, keeping your food items crisp and delicious without any mess.

  • High Quality : Made from premium-grade paper, it offers superior durability and performance, making it ideal for professional use.

  • Versatile Formats : Available in various forms to suit your specific needs:

    • V Bottom Pouches: Perfect for packing snacks, baked goods, and other small items.

    • Square Bottom Pouches: Ideal for larger food items and takeaway meals.

    • Sheet Form: Versatile and easy to use for wrapping sandwiches, burgers, pastries, and more.

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